Admissions Policy

As stated in its Catalog, Lee College is an open admissions, two-year, lower-division undergraduate institution. Persons who have diplomas from accredited high schools, General Education Developmental (GED) certificates, and/or have earned college-level credits at other accredited colleges may enroll on a regular basis. International students who meet state requirements may also enroll on this basis.

Persons who have not graduated from accredited high schools, including those who dropped out prior to graduation, those who are currently enrolled in high school, and those who were (or are being) home schooled may apply for admission on an Individual Approval (IA) basis.

While the college maintains an open admissions policy, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires First-Time-In-College (FTIC) students at publicly funded colleges and universities to demonstrate their skill levels in reading, composition, and mathematics. In practice, this means that students may be asked to take placement tests, particularly in mathematics, after they have been admitted to the college. The Counseling Center can provide information regarding the TSI testing requirements and offers placement tests on a walk-in basis.

Last, while the college is an open admissions institution, some programs within the college (e.g., nursing and the honors program) have entry requirements. The entrance requirements for these programs are described in the Catalog.

General Admission Policy

All persons who have at least one of the qualifications listed below are welcome to enroll. Lee College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, age, religion, national origin, or veteran status in its admission policies or practices.

  • Persons with diplomas from accredited high schools
  • Persons with General Education Development (GED) certificates
  • Transfer students with college-level hours earned at other accredited colleges or universities
  • International students who meet college and state requirements

Those who do not meet the qualifications listed above (including persons currently enrolled in accredited high schools) may apply for admission on an Individual Approval (IA) basis. (See Individual Approval Admission, in the Lee College catalog).

Admission to the college does not imply admission to programs such as the nursing programs or the honors program which employ special admission requirements. (See Enrollment Into Special Programs, in the Lee College catalog). Lee College reserves the right to restrict or limit the enrollment of any instructional program. Online Application

Now you can use the ApplyTexas site to file an application for admission online for Lee College.

Go to for instructions. It’s easy and it’s free. After submitting an application via ApplyTexas, contact Admissions at 281.425.6393 to learn your next steps.


Please see the Residency page for information concerning Texas Residency, In-District Residency and related topics.