CERT – Medical Transcription

Certificate of Completion in Medical Transcription

The Medical Transcription Certificate will qualify students to work as a medical transcriptionist.

Prerequisites for the certificate program include a minimum typing speed of 40 wpm and a minimum 12th grade reading level as determined by Lee College placement testing. The certificate can be completed in one year by attending full-time.

The Lee College certificate program provides approved curriculum in medical terminology, medical sciences, composition and computer skills. A transcription practicum provides for a capstone experience. A voluntary certification examination is administered by the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT).

Job opportunities are available in hospitals, clinics, physicians? offices, and a variety of healthcare facilities, transcription services, as well as self-employment.

Subj. Cat. # Title Credit Hours
First Semester
HITT 1305 Medical Terminology 3
BIOL 2404 The Human Body 4
HITT 1349 Pharmacology 3
ITSC 1309 Integrated Software Applications I 3
Semester Total 13
Second Semester
MRMT 1307 Medical Transcription I 3
ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
POFT 1301 Business English 3
POFI 2301 Word Processing 3
Semester Total 12
Third Semester
MRMT 2433 Medical Transcription II 4
MRMT 1167 Practicum (or Field Experience) – Medical Transcript./ Transcpnist 1
HITT 1353 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Information 3
POFT 2312 Business Correspond. & Communic. 3
Semester Total 11
Total Semester Credit Hours for Certificate 36