Goals and Initiatives of AtD

Goal 1: Improve completion in specific gatekeeper courses

  • Math 1414 – College Algebra
  • History 1301 – History of the United States to 1877

In order to improve course completion in Math 1414 and History 1301, a Supplemental Instruction Program was initiated. An SI coordinator was appointed to hire and train supplemental instructors to provide customized tutoring in selected Math 1414 and History 1301 classes. Because of the proven success of this program increasing the number of students that are successful in SI courses, the program has now expanded to include additional courses in other disciplines.

Goal 2: Improve completion for specific developmental courses

  • Reading 301
  • Math 315
  • English 302
  • Reading 302

To improve course completion in developmental education courses, several initiatives were initiated. Class time was extended from three to four contact hours. A counselor was assigned specifically to meet the needs of students enrolled in developmental education courses. This counselor’s office was relocated from the Counseling Center into the building where the developmental education classes meet. Fast track (8 week) classes were added to course offerings.

Goal 3: Increase usage of student support services

Student focus groups have been held to gather information to determine ways to increase student usage of support services. Also, a Student Success Fair was held in January 2010 to increase student awareness of the support services available.

Goal 4: Improve student success by faculty professional development

Through the Teaching and Learning Resource Center, members of the faculty have many opportunities for professional development. Also, several Faculty Learning Communities meet regularly to discuss pedagogy. At the spring in-service, AtD sponsored Dr. Mark Taylor to speak to both faculty and staff about Generation Next.