I have a disability. Can I still attend Lee College?
Yes. Contact the LC Counseling Center at 281.425.6384.

Who do I contact about Scholarships, Financial Aid and Loans?
Contact the Financial Aid Office at 281.425.6389.

Are there scholarships available for me?
Yes. Lee College awarded more than $14.36 million in financial aid and scholarships during the 2010-2011 school year. We have more than 300 Foundation scholarships, including book scholarships, for which you can apply.

Where can I buy my books?
You can purchase your books, supplies and Lee College gear at the Campus Store or online at www.shopleecollege.com. Contact the Campus Store at 281.425.6360 for more information.

What if I enroll and I have questions about my class schedule?
Contact the Counseling Center for more information.

Does LC have any clubs I can join?
Yes, LC has several clubs available. Contact the Student Activities Board at 281.425.6861 for more information.

I need help finding a job. Can LC help me find one?
LC students who have been enrolled in at least one class may contact the Student Career & Employment Office office at 281.425.6572 regarding jobs on or off campus.

I am currently a High School student and want to enroll in a college course, can I do so?
Yes. LC has a Dual Enrollment program available. Contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at 281.425.6444 for more information.

Does LC offer any tours for new students?
LC offers tours to everyone. You do not have to be a new student. Contact the Outreach Services office at 281.425.6260 for more information.

Do I have to take the SAT or ACT test to go to Lee College?
No, the SAT & ACT are not a requirement for LC. You may be required to take the AccuPlacer test. Contact the Counseling Center at 281.425.6384 for more information.

Can I get my GED at Lee College?
GED courses are offered through the Educational Opportunity Center at San Jacinto Mall. Contact the EOC at 281.421.0553. For information on test registration, contact the Counseling Center at 281.425.6384.

I am going to be enrolled in classes all day. Can I buy something to eat on campus?
Yes. LC has the Rebel Roost & the Cyber Café located on campus for your convenience.

I have two hours before my next class starts. Is there anything I can do while I wait?
Actually, yes there is. LC has a Student Center available on Campus where you can play pool, darts, watch TV, and surf the Internet in the Cyber Café. You can also take advantage of our state-of-the-art library, computer labs, Writing Center, Student Success Center and more!

Where do I go to pay for my Tuition?
You pay for your tuition at the Business Office located in Rundell Hall at 281.425.6321.

Is there an admission application fee?
There is no application fee. LC has an open-door admissions policy. Contact the Admissions Office at 281.425.6393 for more information.

Is childcare available for me?
If you are a current student majoring in a technical field, you may qualify for childcare assistance and other services through the Special Populations Office. Contact Kewana Davis at 281.425.6559 for more information on Project LeeWay.