Church music program debuts this fall

Aspiring church musicians will have the opportunity this fall at Lee College to explore music ministry and its place in the life of the church as part of a new course being offered through the Church Music degree program.

The “MUSI 1307: Music Literature (Church Music)” class will only be offered every two years during the fall semester, beginning with the upcoming term that starts Aug. 26.  Students will pay particular attention to the identity of the church musician, the ministry of the musician and the practice of church music, while also developing an appreciation for the great masterworks created in the church.

Church Music students at Lee College take additional courses in music theory, sight singing and ear training as part of their curriculum. They are also able to join a musical ensemble, study the piano and take private lessons on an instrument of their choice.  Successful completion of the two-year program leads to an associate degree in Church Music and provides students the knowledge and training they need to transfer to a four-year institution.

“This is a degree program that will appeal to many people who wish to enhance their knowledge of music in the church as well as develop the skills necessary in being a good musician,” said Dr. Charlotte Mueller, professor of music. “Students will be better prepared to contribute to the musical life of their church, whether in a hired capacity as a music minister or as a choir member or volunteer.”

For more information on the Church Music degree program at Lee College, contact Mueller at 281.425.6858 or