Student on National Collegiate Honors Council board

Lee College Honors Program student Cheryl Lauresdorf has been elected to the National Collegiate Honors Council’s Board of Directors. Lauresdorf was one of two students chosen from among 11 candidates, and is the only community college student serving on the board.

Established in 1966, the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) is the professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges, directors and deans, faculty, staff and students and promotes an enhanced undergraduate honors education through curriculum development, teaching innovation, national and international study opportunities, internships, experiential-and service-learning models and mentored research.

The council is currently comprised of 1,200 members representing honors programs and colleges in private and public, two- and four-year institutions.

“I am so proud of Cheryl,” said Honors Program Coordinator John Britt. “As a non-traditional student, with many years of life experience outside the classroom, she will bring a unique voice to the council, one representative of the many non-traditional students across the country,”

A successful dance instructor and mother of two, Lauresdorf began her college career shortly after her children obtained their degrees. During her time at Lee College, she has presented research papers at six regional and national conferences, received two Honors Scholarships, earned two Presidential Honors Day medallions, and won one state and one national award for her historical research.

An active member of the college honors society, Phi Theta Kappa, Lauresdorf serves on the Student Honors Council, is a member of the Lee College History Club and Student Government Association, and is currently employed as a paraprofessional in the college Writing Center.

In addition to graduating from Lee College with honors, she hopes to transfer to a four-year university and eventually earn a doctorate in English.

Her term as an At-Large Student Representative on the NCHC’s Board of Directors will expire in 2014.