Seeking Talent for Lee College Coffeehouse

Community members with a penchant for singing, songwriting, story-telling, stand-up-comedy, or poetry are invited to audition for the new Lee College Coffeehouse.

The special event, which will be held in the Performing Arts Center’s Melva Johnson Black Box Theatre at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 30, will provide local musicians and artists with the opportunity to showcase their talents in a “cool atmosphere,” according to Director of Instrumental Music Dr. Ken Booker.

“From a cultural and artistic standpoint, coffeehouses have long provided patrons with a place to talk, write, read and entertain each other as they pass the time,” Dr. Booker explained. “A number of well-known performers actually began their careers in the coffeehouse scene.

“This event allows us to replicate that scene and feeling of camaraderie on campus, and give our community members an opportunity to share their talents.”

Area residents interested in auditioning for the Lee College Coffeehouse are asked to contact Dr. Booker at by Nov. 9.