More than 280 attend Tech Night

Wave after wave of students crowded around Regina Barrera’s booth last week at Lee College Tech Night, enthralled by the streaks of pink light that shot through the glass plasma balls she had sitting on the table.

Each student was met with a bright smile and explanation of how the physics concepts they would learn in the college pre-engineering program — one of several technical offerings showcased at the annual Tech Night event — could be applied in the real world.

“Light is always a good topic because it catches your eye,” said Barrera, science lab coordinator for the Math, Engineering and Physical Sciences department. “You’re excited about the topic and you’re willing to talk to anybody, at any age, to get them interested, too.”

More than 280 high-school and college students attended Tech Night, held Tuesday, April 8, in the college Sports Arena. Through hands-on demonstrations and exhibits, participants learned about the wide variety of programs available at Lee College that can lead to jobs in the technical, industrial, science and health care fields.

Representatives were also there from the Center for Workforce and Community Development, Student Affairs, Financial Aid and the Educational Opportunity Center.

“We get everyone in one place so prospective and current students can get information from a centralized location,” said Odus Shoemake, an instructor of computer technology and coordinator of the event.

While Tech Night attendees visited the program booths and enjoyed catering provided by the Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District culinary students, Shoemake called out raffle numbers of those who won one of a dozen scholarships or other prizes.

Hardin High School senior Hunter Robinson was one of two winners of a $500 scholarship. He plans to use the money to help support his education at Lee College.

“I’m going to follow in my father’s footsteps,” said Robinson, who will start process technology classes this summer.