College establishes Veteran Honors Society

Lee College is continuing its efforts to help student veterans successfully transition from the field to the classroom and the workforce. Recently, Veterans Coordinator Ehab Mustafa announced the formation of a new Lee College Veteran Honors Society.

To qualify for membership, student veterans must be currently enrolled at Lee College, must have served or currently served in the military, National Guard, or reserves — those no longer serving must submit proof of honorable discharge — and maintain the highest ethical standards.

“One of the most unique elements of our honors society is the four-tier grade-point-average system,” Mustafa said. “Under this system, students achieve certain ranks according to their GPA. As their grades improve, they can move up to the next tier in the organization, where they receive more opportunities for scholarship money, as well as recognition, including certificates.”

Combined with the recognition and rewards, Mustafa says, the GPA system provides students with a familiar military structure, which in turn encourages them to improve their academic performance.

“It’s all about making students feel comfortable,” he added. “By bringing familiar elements into a new setting, we are able to help create an environment in which they will excel.”

For additional information regarding the Lee College Veteran Honors Society, call 832.556.4302.