Interim Grading FAQ

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What is the Satisfactory (S)/No Credit Reported (NCR) grade option?

Lee College is providing students with the option to request a Satisfactory or No Credit Reported grading option instead of a letter grade. This means that courses graded A-F are eligible to be taken on a Satisfactory/No Credit Reported(S/NCR) basis. The request is made individually by the students and on a course-by-course basis. Students will receive a letter grade for their courses, and then have the option to keep their earned letter grade or request their grade be converted to an S/NCR.

Will an S/NCR grade apply toward my degree?

A satisfactory (S) will have no effect on GPA but the hours will count towards a certificate or degree. A No Credit Reported (NCR) will have no effect on GPA and the hours will not count towards a certificate or degree. Courses with NCR grade must be repeated with a passing grade in order to receive credit to count towards a certificate or degree. Courses of NCR will not fulfill a prerequisite requirement for a subsequent course.

NOTE: Because of the State Board of Nursing requirements, Nursing Program students enrolled in RNSG and VNSG courses are not eligible for the Interim Grading Policy.

For courses, the S/NCR grading will be applied in this manner:

  • S: Satisfactory = D or above, no effect on GPA, hours count toward graduation.
  • NCR: Unsatisfactory = F, no effect on GPA, hours do not count toward graduation.

Is the S/NCR grade option right for me?

The decision is up to the student, but we strongly encourage that all students consult with their academic advisor, financial aid advisor and/or veteran coordinator before making the decision. For example, certain professional schools may not accept an S grade in their admissions process.

What is the deadline to choose the S/NCR grade option for Spring and/or Summer 2020?

Students will have the opportunity to review their final course grades for Spring 2020 courses. After grades are posted, students will have until May 29, 2020, to complete the grade change request. The form will be available soon. Details regarding the process for students to request their grading options will be communicated to your myLC email address by the Admissions & Records Office by May 1, 2020. Details regarding Summer will be communicated at a later date.

How will the S/NCR grade option effect my Financial Aid?

Every student is unique in their financial aid situation. We encourage students to reach out to the Financial Aid office to understand the implications.

What if the course for which I choose the S/NCR option has a letter grade identified as a prerequisite to another course?

A satisfactory (S) will fulfill a prerequisite requirement while at Lee College. However, under the S/NCR grading policy, students will need to be very cautious about their program requirements, their future goals, and the way an S/NCR might impact their educational ‘next steps’. It is advised that students consult with their academic advisors in order to make the best choices for their future academic plans.

Will an S/NCR grade be acceptable if I want to transfer to a university or go to graduate or professional school?

Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisor before making the determination that S/NCR grading option will have an effect on their application to graduate or professional study. For example, there may be specific courses that require a letter grade for admissions to a university program or graduate/ professional school.