Bridge Courses

Take a Bridge Course at Lee College

Bridge courses are designed to:

  1. Ease the transition of a new student into the Lee culture.
  2. Provide a current student with an accelerated and focused learning opportunity


  • Aimed at providing an alternative to traditional developmental education
  • Become familiar with a college environment and facilities
  • Low cost to students
  • Access to tutoring and mentoring
  • Book scholarships available

Admission Requirements:

  • New TSI placement exam
  • Lee counselor advising

Completion Requirements:

  • Minimum of 80 percent overall average and a 60 percent on cumulative final exam
  • Must co-enroll in 12-week paired course
  • Good attendance

3-Week Courses Offered Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters


Course Offerings:

  • MABR 310 (Pre-Algebra Bridge): Topics include fractions, decimals, percent, geometry, trigonometry, ration and proportions, signed numbers, unit conversion, and basic data analysis.
  • MABR 330 (Intermediate Algebra Bridge): Topics include systems of equations, polynomials, functions, rational expressions, radicals, inequalities and problem solving.
  • ENBR 402 (Writing II & Advanced Reading Bridge): Topics will include applying critical reading skills and developing full-length themes.

To enroll in a bridge course or for more information, please contact: