Statistics Pathway

For certain majors and degree plans, Lee College is now offering a Statistics Pathway to provide students with a proficiency in developmental math and the completion of a credit math course.

The Statistics Pathway is designed to lead a student from a developmental math course to a transferable college statistics or contemporary math course in no more than two semesters. Students have the option of taking MATH 1332 (Contemporary Math) or MATH 1342 (Statistics) in the new pathway.

Contemporary Math uses multiple approaches such as physical, symbolic, graphical, and verbal to solve financial and social application problems. Statistics emphasizes the collection, organization, analysis and interpretation of numerical data in real-world situations.

“These mathematics skills are essential for a growing number of occupations and professions, and are those needed for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty, an inescapable condition of modern life. This is the math that will help students understand the world around them and it is the math they can use right now.”

— Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Stanford, Calif.