Math Placement

All students enrolling in an academic course of study at Lee College are required to take an initial math placement exam, unless they are exempt based on the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) criteria listed in Testing Center. Counselors and advisors can assist students in identifying whether they need to test or meet an exemption. Depending on the specific program of study, students entering Lee College to earn a certificate in a skill or trade may not need a math placement exam.

TSI (Texas Success Initiative)

The purpose of TSI is to ensure that all students enrolling in public higher education in Texas possess the academic skills needed to perform effectively in college-level coursework. TSI is designed to assess your ability to successfully complete freshman-level academic courses such as English composition, history or college mathematics. It requires an assessment of skills in math, reading, and writing. For more information about TSI requirements for Lee College, please refer to Texas Success Initiative.