Benefit Bank

Lee College is now an official site of “The Benefit Bank,” providing students with low and moderate incomes a free, simple and supportive path to access the social services and public benefits they need.

The Benefit Bank is a multi-state coalition of community-based, faith-based, governmental, job-training, healthcare and social service agencies that assist individuals and families in claiming some of the billions of dollars in state and federal benefits left untouched each year. For Lee College, we will offer the service to our students to help them with basic needs in order to be more successful.

More than 20 Lee College employees have been trained to help students determine if they are eligible for public assistance programs, such as food stamps or Medicaid. If participants qualify, they are then given help with a centralized, online application process. The Benefit Bank’s Web-based service reduces the amount of time it takes to apply for various state and federal benefits, saving participant information in a secure system that can easily be accessed again when it’s time to renew or re-apply.

If you are eligible for The Benefit Bank, you will need to schedule an appointment with The Benefit Bank Coordinator Rosemary Coffman. Contact her at 281.425.6384 or