American Studies

American Studies – LAH4

American Studies is an honors program that combines American literature and American history. Each long semester students take a 6 SCH block of courses that fulfills options within the core curriculum. Through an interdisciplinary approach students will study American culture and ideology and gain an understanding of how literature reflects historical events. The capstone for the sequence is a research paper about an event of literary or historical significance. Invitations to enter the programs are based on recommendations from instructors.

Core (42 SCH)

Core Recommendation
• Communication
– ENGL 1301 (Offered through The Human Condition)
– ENGL 1302 (Offered through The Human Condition)
• American History
– HIST 1301 (Offered through The American Studies)
– HIST 1302 (Offered through The American Studies)
• Language, Philosophy, and Culture
– HUMA 1301

Area of Concentration (9 SCH)
• HUMA 1302 (Offered through The Human Condition)
• ENGL 2327 (Offered through The American Studies)
• ENGL 2328 (Offered through The American Studies)

General Electives (9 SCH)

Total Semester Credit Hours for Degree: 60

Contact: Georgeann Ward at 281.425.6530,

LP Science = Life and Physical Science
LPC = Language, Philosophy and Culture
GOVT PS = Government/Political Science
SBS = Social/Behavioral Science