Church Music

Church Music – CHM4

The Associate of Arts in Church Music is structured to meet the needs of students who will ultimately pursue a baccalaureate degree in music or church music. Students will meet minimum standards in one specified area of performance and will become proficient in piano. Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of music theory and church music literature.

Core (42 SCH)

Area of Concentration (21 SCH)
• MUSI 1311 (Fall only)
• MUSI 1116 (Fall only)
• MUSI 1312 (Spring only)
• MUSI 1117 (Spring only)
• MUSI 1307 (Fall only) Church Music Emphasis
• 2 – MUAP 12 (Freshman level)
• 4 – MUEN 1141, 1152, 1135, 1123, or 1125
• Piano course:
MUSI 1181 and 1182 or MUAP Applied Piano

Music Elective, choose one of the following: (1-3)

Students are required to attend a specified number of concerts and performances by guest artists. Students must attend a weekly forum.

Contact: Dr. Charlotte Mueller at 281.425.6858,

LP Science = Life and Physical Science
LPC = Language, Philosophy and Culture
GOVT PS = Government/Political Science
SBS = Social/Behavioral Science