Disbursement and Refund Schedule


Financial Aid Process Completed Spring 2015 Your financial aid will be applied to your account Your refund will be available no later than
Book Refunds 12/19/14 1/6/15 First Book Release
1/9/15 1/16/15 Second Book Release
Through Jan. 28 2/5/15 2/19/15 1st Disbursement
1/29/15-2/19/15 2/19/15 3/5/15 (Includes 30-Day Loans)
Through March 23 4/2/15 4/16/15 2nd Disbursement
Spring Close-Out 4/23/15 5/7/15 Clean Up Late Awards


  • Students with payment plans from Nelnet may still have payments taken until all financial aid has been posted and you have a zero or negative balance. Please review your payment agreements to determine when payments will be applied.
  • Book Refunds are released to students who are fully processed by January 5 and you may use these funds to pay for your books and supplies at the bookstore. Students awarded after this time or with non-refundable scholarships may request a book voucher by e-mailing finaid@lee.edu.
  • All registered students ages 16 and older will receive a LEE ONE debit card from Higher One. You must activate your Higher One account online; you will still have the option to choose direct deposit or use the debit card to receive refunds. All LEE ONE Cards will be mailed to the address on file with the Admissions Office. Please remember that if your current mailing address is not on file with the Admissions Office, your debit card will be returned to Higher One, which will cause a delay in you receiving your funds. All refundable aid (grants, loans and scholarships) will be released to you via the method you choose with Higher One.
  • You must be enrolled in or have completed 6 hours during the term at the time the loan funds are posted to receive your student loan. If you are a new borrower there will be a 30-day delay on loan funds. Your loan funds will be applied no earlier than February 20, 2014.
  • Final disbursement amounts will be based on the Credit Hours in your degree plan as listed in the Admissions Office as of January 28 for classes starting January 12 and March 23 for classes starting for the second 8 weeks. If due to drop/add activity your award changes after the book charges are applied and a balance is due to Lee College you will be responsible for that balance.

Fall 2014

Financial Aid Process Completed Spring 2014 Your financial aid will be applied to your account Your refund will be available no later than
Classes beginning Aug. 25, 2014
Book Refunds
8/7/14 8/14/14 1st Book Release
8/14/14 8/21/14 2nd Book Release
8/21/14 8/28/14 3rd Book Release
9/11/14 9/18/14 10/2/14 1st Disbursement
9/30/14 10/2/14 10/16/14 30-Day Delay Loans
10/24/14 10/30/14 11/14/14 2nd Disbursement
Last Disbursement 11/14/14 11/28/14 Last Disbursement