Student Permissions

Attend a Financial Aid Seminar

After You Have Been Awarded

  • Read your award letter
  • Go to myLC Campus account
  • Do your Student Permission (scroll down for instructions). If you choose not to accept the acknowledgement, please notify us in writing.
  • Set up your Refund Preference once you receive your BankMobile Refund Selection Kit in the mail. (This is the only way you can receive your refund, if one is available to you). You will have a choice of refund methods from BankMobile. Visit BankMobile Vibe to learn more.
  • View our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a division of Customer Bank:
  • Ensure that you are only taking classes that apply to your degree plan (as listed in the Admissions Office records) in the Lee College catalog.

NOTE: This award is based on being a full-time student which is 12 semester credit hours (usually four classes). If your schedule does not allow you to be a full-time student, your award can be adjusted. It’s better to take less and be successful.

How to access your myLC Campus Financial Aid account

Step 1:

  • Log in to myLC Campus
  • View your financial aid
  • Click on current year

Step 2: ONLY If you have other Financial Aid:

  • Report Other Financial Aid
  • Click current year
  • Click Add Another Award (Report Additional Aid)
  • Add it, then click Add/Save

Step 3: If you have no other Financial Aid:

  • Click Home
  • Click “Aid Acknowledgement”
  • Click “Grant Permissions,” then click Submit

(Repeat this for each permission form)

To view the refund schedule, go to (Scroll down and click on current semester.)

Contact us: or 281.425.6389.