June 18, 2012

Former-LEE Board Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by President Planty at 12:00 noon. Board members present: Tracy Anderson, Randy Casey, Joan Linares, Pat Mann, Mike Nebgen, Tim Planty, Renee Rhodes, James Tubbs, and Kimberlee Whittington. Frank McCloskey, whose term begins in August, was also in attendance.

Also present from the Lee College staff were Ginni Whitten and Windi O’Shields.

Minutes of the April 16, 2012, Annual Meeting were read and approved on a motion by Renee Rhodes, seconded by Kimberlee Whittington.

Dr. Planty reported that we have 136 members, including 52 Lifetime.

President Planty reported on recent activities:

April 16th – Annual Meeting
May 11th – Nurse Pinning Ceremony
May 12th – Graduation Ceremonies

A general discussion followed on availability of volunteers for these events. It was strongly recommended that three volunteers be available for each event.

The Board agreed to distribute cold water and maps to students on the first day of class, August 27. Based on input, a training session for volunteers will be held to answer student questions regarding the map and other frequently asked questions. Two distribution posts will be staffed. Ms. Whitten will research the best locations and advise. The members who volunteered to participate are Mike Nepgen, James Tubbs, Joan Linares, Rene Rhodes, and Randy Casey if his schedule permits.

Ms. Whitten will verify that September 13 is a good date for a fall recruitment event; i.e., that there are no major conflicts. Red Fox was suggested as a location, as was the Longhorn Steakhouse.

Under New Business, the Lee College Foundation Gala was brought up by Ms. Whitten, with a suggestion that Former-LEE should offer some support. Pat Mann moved, seconded by Mike Nebgen, that Former-LEE contribute $1,000.00 as an underwriter to support the Foundation through the Gala on September 21. The motion passed.

Randy Casey, Mike Nebgen and Kimberlee Whittington were named to a Nominating Committee to propose new officers for the Board for the 2012-2013 year.

Under unfinished business, Mike Nebgen suggested that a larger sign be provided to call attention to the speed networking activity at the job fair. This activity was generally considered to be of value, and the suggestion was taken under advisement by Ms. Whitten.

To increase the number of upcoming spring graduates who take advantage of the one year free Former-LEE membership, suggestions were offered. One suggestion, from Kimberlee, was to include an application form in the pre-graduation packet from the Registrar’s office. Another suggestion was a personal telephone or email contact from a member of the Board. These suggestions will be reviewed in the spring when the Former-LEE Board discusses plans for the graduation ceremony.

Ms. Whitten indicated that she will bring a proposed budget to the August meeting. Kimberlee Whittington would like to request that the Board consider a $1,000.00 donation for a Continuing Education scholarship at the College. This action item will be on the August agenda.

A general discussion followed on the proposed date for the August meeting. Several Board members have conflicts with the August 14th date, and requested a move to August 21st. Ms. Whitten promised to study the issue and set a date later.

On motion by Renee Rhodes, seconded by Joan Linares, the meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Mann, Secretary