Oct. 22, 2012

2012 Former-LEE Board Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by President Randy Casey at 12:05 p.m. Board members present: Tracy Anderson, Randy Casey, David Kadjar, Joan Linares, Pat Mann, Mike Nebgen, Frank McCloskey, Tim Planty, Renee Rhodes, and Kimberlee Whittington

Also present from the Lee College staff were Ginni Whitten and Windi O’Shields. Ms. Whitten briefly introduced new staff assistant member Kerri Hurlbut.

Minutes of the first August 20, 2012, Board Meeting were read and approved on a motion by Renee Rhodes, seconded by Tim Planty. Minutes of the second August 8, 2012, Board Meeting were read and approved on a motion by David Kadjar, seconded by Kimberlee Whittington.

The Agenda indicated that we have 117 members, including 63 Lifetime.

President Casey reported on several recent activities. The Association distributed 240 bottles cold water and maps to students on the first day of class, August 27.
The Fall Recruitment Event at Carino’s on Sept. 13, was attended by 51 persons, and resulted in 3 new members and 3 membership renewals.
The Volleyball Tailgate Party on October 4 was attended by 37 persons and resulted in 7 new members (including 2 new lifetime members), and 2 membership renewals.

A general discussion on membership followed. Tim Planty and Mike Nebgen suggested that we should be soliciting more memberships from faculty and staff. Ms. Whitten promised to look into this proposal and try to work around certain privacy issues.

Ms. Whitten discussed proposed upcoming events:

  • Basketball VIP Night – She will follow up on two suggested home game dates – January 23 and 30.
  • Former-LEE Lifetime Member event, Saturday, March 9 will be scheduled to coincide with the Texas Tenor’s Concert in the PAC, subject to Dr. Brown’s schedule.
  • April Annual meeting will be scheduled with planned Distinguished Alumni event. Date to be announced. A general discussion followed into whether or not Distinguished Alumni would be members of Former-LEE. There was no conclusion reached. However, on a motion Pat Mann, seconded by Mike Nebgen, Ms. Whitten was authorized to begin planning this joint event on April 8.
  • Speed Networking event – date to be announced.

There was no new business to discuss.

Kimberlee Whittington reported on the 8 Continuing Education scholarship applicants. Applicants were interested in the following programs: (2) – Veterinary Assistant, (1) Dialysis Technician, (4 ) – Certified Nurse Aide Training, and (1)- Pharmacy Technician. Due to the cancellation of the Veterinary and Dialysis programs, Kimberlee is in the process of re-awarding the scholarships and will keep the Board posted with award details.

Ms. Whitten enlightened the Board about the Britt-Hodgin scholarships available for students of the Huntsville TDCJ program.

The next meeting was set for Monday, December 3, with a location and time to be determined.

On a motion by Renee Rhodes, seconded by David Kadjar, the meeting adjourned at 12:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Mann, Secretary