April 16, 2012 (Annual Meeting)



April 16, 2012

Vice-president Randy Casey called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the private dining room of Luna’s Mexican Restaurant. Door prizes were awarded at intervals throughout the meeting.

Vice-president Casey recognized the Lee College Regents in attendance: Keith Coburn and Don Coffey, as well as the new President Dr. Dennis Brown. He also recognized members of the Board of Formerly-LEE: David Kadjar, Joan Linares, Pat Mann, Mike Nebgen, Renee Rhodes, James Tubbs, and Kimberlee Whittington. Mary Ann Amelang, Pam Warford, and Ginni Whitten of the Lee College Staff were also present.

Vice-president Casey reported that the Board of Directors had met every other month for the past year to plan and provide leadership. They have worked hard to retain members, as well as recruit new members. Our current membership is 121 members, of which 51 are lifetime members. Lifetime Memberships increased 22% from the previous year.

Former-LEE Activities since our last annual meeting:

  • Student Scholarships funded by Former-LEE for 2011-2012
    • Awarded academic scholarships for four students
    • Served as an underwriter for the 2011 Lee College Foundation Gala which is a fundraiser to support scholarships
  • Distributed over 200 bottles of cold water and maps to students on the first day of class
  • Fall Recruitment Event – 25 new members
  • VIP pizza tailgate party for Former-LEE members and their guests before a girl’s volleyball game.
  • Hosted a Community Appreciation/Membership Cultivation Event at Consumers Resource Credit Union
  • Redesigned Former-LEE website
  • VIP dinner for Former-LEE members and their guests hosted by the Lee College Athletic Department before a Rebels basketball game.  Members were treated to a fajita dinner catered by Iguana Joes, and then cheered the Rebels on.
  • First Alumni Weekend at Lee College – March 22 and 23
    • Special guest – Glenn Blake, a Lee College graduate and a Baytown  native, is a published author and professor at John Hopkins University.  Glenn presented a  community reading from two of his books
    • Historical Marker Dedication – Sponsored the ceremony and reception. Attendees included local dignitaries, elected officials, and special guests. The marker was purchased through the Former Lee Historical Marker fund in 2011.
    • Speed Networking event sponsored by Former-Lee at the Lee College Job Fair.  The event was run much like Speed Dating.  Job Fair participants sat at a table across from a Former-LEE volunteer and in three-minute rounds gained valuable experience in interviewing and networking with professionals in a variety of careers.
  • Lee College Graduation Commencement and Nurses Pinning Ceremonies- Former-LEE Board members presented each graduate with a congratulatory letter, a gift, and a free one-year membership in Former-LEE for their first year.

Vice-president Casey reminded everyone of the upcoming second annual Lifetime Members’ luncheon hosted by President Dennis Brown to honor Former-LEE Lifetime Members on April 27.

Vice-president Casey introduced Michael Ellis, a Lee College student and a veteran. Former-LEE has provided snacks and drinks for the Veterans’ Center. Mr. Ellis read a letter of appreciation from Ehab Mustafa, Veteran’s Specialist.

Vice-president Casey introduced the Nominating Committee: Renee Rhodes and Kimberlee Whittington; Tracey Anderson was unable to be present. Renee and Kimberlee presented the slate of nominees to the Board, giving a brief biography for each:

  • Randy Casey
  • Joan Linares
  • Pat Mann
  • Frank McCloskey
  • James Tubb

Assisted by the staff, printed ballots were distributed to Former-LEE members, and Vice-president Casey called for nominations from the floor. Lynn Foley moved that the nominated slate by elected by acclamation. The motion was seconded by Don Coffey, and passed unanimously on a show of hands.

Vice-president Casey asked the newly elected (and re-elected) members to stand and be recognized.

Vice-president Casey reminded those in attendance that volunteers were needed to assist with the Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony and the two Graduation Ceremonies in May. He also asked everyone to take along a membership application and assist in the drive to recruit new members.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned to dinner.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Mann, Secretary