The Black Educational Access Committee (BEAC) was formed in the fall of 1986, along with the Hispanic Educational Access Committee. Both committees are coordinated by the College Relations Office at Lee College. The work of these committees has received favorable national recognition and has served to encourage educational access to the African-American and Hispanic communities and to other under-represented groups.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lee College Black Educational Access Committee is to enhance individuals of African descent to pursue the full range of educational opportunities available to improve their quality of life and to use the college as a resource to further their education. This organization will focus on each other’s strengths to enhance our African-American community and promote community awareness of our heritage.

Meeting Time

First Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m., at Lee College, Social Science Building, Room 110. Membership is free and open to anyone supporting the BEAC’s endeavors. Call the College Relations Office at 281.425.6336 for details or directions.


  • To improve recruitment and retention of Black students with emphasis on disadvantaged and at-risk students and non-traditional students.
  • To enhance community awareness of BEAC in our service area.
  • To increase BEAC membership.


The BEAC participates in several events, including:

  • Jazz Poetry Night
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
  • Black History Program
  • Celebrating Our Elders
  • Senior Gala
  • Juneteenth Parade


To learn more about the BEAC or apply for membership, contact BEAC President Della Nobles at or 832.556.4068.