Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee Minutes

March 17, 2015

Members Present: Paul Allen, Paul Arrigo, Layton Childress, Rosemary Coffman, Keith Coleman, Stewart Edwards, Joseph Ganakos, Karen Guthmiller, Vicky Hart, Rod Hellyer, Cathy Kemper, Sharon Lockett, Charlotte Mueller, Steve Showalter, Doylean Sprauve

Members Absent: Bo Aguilar, Howard Bushart, Michael Gos, Tia Hall, Donnetta Suchon, Charles Thomas, Tex Woodall

Meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m.

  1. Approval of Minutes: Minutes from February 17, 2015 were approved as written.
  2. Old Business: None
  3. New Business:
  • Layton Childress presented for Tex Woodall. Layton Childress proposed removing the elective from the third and fourth semester of the AAS degree in Instrumentation Technology. A motion was made by Paul Arrigo and seconded by Stewart Edwards. Motion carried. (Req. #600,601)
  • Vicky Hart presented for Chuck Ganze. Vicky Hart proposed placing TECM 1349 back into the AAS Computer and Network Maintenance degree. A motion was made by Charlotte Mueller and seconded by Rod Hellyer. After discussion, Maintenance Request #602 had been withdrawn from the Curriculum Maintenance system. Vicky Hart requested to table Maintenance Request #602. Seconded by Karen Guthmiller.
  • Keith Coleman presented for David Jaroszewski. Keith Coleman proposed adding a 1 SCH KINE course to the Business Administration Field of Study curriculum. A motion was made by Karen Guthmiller and seconded by Paul Arrigo. Motion carried. (Req. #603)
  • Joe Ganakos presented for Michael Gos. Joe Ganakos reminded the divisions scheduled for election should submit names before next meeting. Divisions are: H/C Tech-Voc; Social and Behavioral Science; English and Humanities; Technical Studies; Visual and Performing Arts; Computer Technology; Speech and Communication, Language and Teacher Education; CAD and Engineering Technology. Joe Ganakos opened the floor for nominations for Chair and Vice-Chair. Stewart Edwards nominated Michael Gos to continue as Chair. No further nominations. Karen Guthmiller nominated Joseph Ganakos to continue as Vice Chair. No further nominations.
  1. Open Forum:

Paul Allen expressed an interest in training on inputting Curriculum Maintenance Request information in PeopleSoft. Discussion followed about setting up workshops.

Joseph Ganakos announced the debate team will be in Boise, Idaho the month of April.

Meeting adjourned at 2:25 p.m.

Submitted by:                                                                  Approved by:
Susan Keith, Secretary                                                  Michael Gos, CAAC Chair