CAAC Meeting April 19, 2016 – 2:30pm

Members Present:
Paul Allen, Doylean Sprauve, Keith Coleman, Kelly Sartor (for Vicky Hart), Andy Miller, Charles Thomas, Tex Woodall, Cathy Kemper-Pelle, Charlotte Mueller, Paul Arrigo, Sarah Tidwell, Sharon Lockett, and Rod Hellyer.

Members not present:
Howard Bushart, Karen Guthmiller, Jim Dobberstine, Stewart Edwards, Rosemary Coffman, Daria Willis, Layton Childress, and Joe Ganakos

  1. Approval of Minutes
    Motion for approval made by Keith Coleman. Rod Hellyer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Old Business
    No old business.
  3. New Business
    1. Kellie Sartor
      1. Change/Update Degree/Certificate Plan: Application Specialization AS1 (972)
        Tex Woodall made motion to approve. Rod Hellyer seconded. No discussion. Motion passed unanimously.
    2. Discussion of Registrar’s Role in the Curriculum Maintenance Process
      1. On Wednesday, April 6 Dr. Kemper-Pelle instructed Troy Oehler to add the Registrar to the
        Curriculum Maintenance Process after the division approval stage and prior to being sent to CAAC.
      2. CAAC needs to review this and determine where we stand on said issue. Chair Joe Ganakos forwarded some counterplans during the SACS “Substantive Change” Seminar. Options for review include:
        1. A public vote opposing the action as described above.
        2. A compromise plan where in the Registrar would be required to review content PRIOR to Division approval.
        3. A compromise plan, similar to what we advocated with regard to Dean input/approval where Divisions are advised to consult the Registrar to help vet their proposal to confirm it conforms with requirements set by the state and/or College.
        4. Other options provided during discussion.
          Move to review made by Charlotte Mueller. Sarah Tidwell seconded.
          Dr. Kemper-Pelle explained the reasoning is to prevent from having to keep bringing back and making changes. Someone to help work the bugs out before it comes before CAAC. Registrar could help with wording. Concerned that late changes will not be able to be implemented for the Fall Semester.
          Implement a few check boxes to help prevent these issues.
          A standard set of questions to work through with the Registrar and admissions to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with financial aid. Does it need to be signed off on or is it just on merit?
          Need to alleviate the issues of students flipping between different catalogs and degree programs to meet the requirements for Financial Aid and then to meet the criteria for graduation.
          Registrar doesn’t necessarily have to sign off – maybe just for the new course approvals and such for pre requisites classes.
          David Jaroszewski suggested creating a check box with a check list underneath it for only certain issues. It should be done prior to or while getting input from the Registrar. The person making the proposal should be the one responsible to making sure it is correct, then any questions or issues should go to the Division Chair/Registrar as well.
          Charles Thomas made motion for a proposal to create a list. Rod Hellyer seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
          Chuck Thomas made motion for a proposal to create a check box with a check list to be incorporated underneath. Rod Hellyer seconded.
          Motion passes unanimously.
          Scott Bennett, Registrar, is to create a list to be sent out by Friday, April 22, 2016 via email, cc the Deans and Division Chairs.
          Charlotte Mueller made the motion to have the Registrar send an email with the suggested “check list” to be incorporated under the checkbox. Charles Thomas seconded.
          Motion passes unanimously.
    3. Election of Officers for 2016/2017
      1. Chair
        Joe Ganakos
        Tex Woodall made motion. Keith Coleman seconded. Motion passes unanimously.
      2. Vice-Chair
        Paul Arrigo
        Rod Hellyer made motion. Tex Woodall seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
    4. Reminder for Divisions regarding 2016/2017 Representatives to CAAC
  4. Open Forum
    What is the procedure on having a June meeting if necessary? Based on need.

Note: ( ) indicates the number of the item in the Curriculum Maintenance System.