2018: 04-17

CAAC Minutes: April 17, 2018

Members Present:
Howard Bushart; Doylean Sprauve; Vicki Hart; Karen Guthmiller; Bill Gammel; Stewart Edwards; Veronique Tran; Charlotte Mueller; Paul Arrigo; Layton Childress; Ingrid Wallace and Rod Hellyer

Members Not Present:
Paul Allen; Keith Coleman; Andy Millier; Charles Thomas; David Sholmire; Marylou Ortuvia; Rosemary Coffman; Onimi Wilcox; and Joe Ganakos.

Meeting directed by Paul Arrigo. Joe Ganakos is out of state with Debate.

  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. Minutes from 2/20/18
      Rod Hellyer motioned to approve; seconded by Vicki Hart.
      Passes unanimously
    2. Minutes from 3/20/18
      Vicki Hart motioned to approve; seconded by Karen Guthmiller.
      Passes unanimously.
  2. Informational Items
    1. Vice-President: Veronique Tran
      Core curriculum – Need additional information in order to submit to Coordinating Board.
    2. Academic Dean: Onimi Wilcox
    3. Technical Dean: Layton Childress
    4. Registrar: Scott Bennett
    5. Academic Integrity Taskforce: Paul Arrigo
      Academic Integrity came up with a list of values regarding Academic Integrity, adopted from the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity. We are members of the Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity, also it has an open commons license so we use and adapt it however we need.
  3. Old Business
    1. None
  4. New Business
    1. Kellie Sartor
      1. Change/Update Degree/Certificate Plan: Game Development Specialist (1261 / 1264)
        Karen Guthmiller motioned; Vicki Hart seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
      2. Change/Update SCH: GAME 1304 (1262)
        Taking out GAME 1304
        Bill Gammel motioned; Karen Guthmiller seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
      3. Discontinue Course – Catalog: GAME 1301 (1263)
        Karen Guthmiller motioned; Vicki Hart seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
      4. Change/Update Degree/Certificate Plan: Game Specialist (1265)
        Bill Gammel motioned; Howard Bushart seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
    2. Election of 2018/2019 Officers
      1. Chair
        Joe Ganakos nominated by Paul Arrigo.
      2. Vice-Chair
        Paul Arrigo nominated by Karen Guthmiller.
        Both nominations were accepted unanimously.
      3. Reminder for Divisions regarding 2018/2019 Representatives to CAAC
      4. Please make certain that your respective divisions submit the name of your representative for the 2018/2019 CAAC by the end of Professional Development Week.
  5. Open Forum
    1. Joe Ganakos
      1. Reminder: We will hold our Summer CAAC Meeting on July 17, 2018 at 2:00pm.
      2. Good luck with Finals and enjoy your Summer break!

Note: ( ) indicates the number of the item in the Curriculum Maintenance System.

Emergency CAAC Request
June 12, 2018

Emergency request from Richard Tunstall representing Technical Studies. Richard had submitted a request required by WECM mandates for INTC 2459; per his conversations with Troy Oehler, there was apparently a glitch in the Curriculum Maintenance system that did not move request 1141 up to a level two (division approved) status as it should have. The issue was resolved after the deadline for our April CAAC meeting; this confluence of circumstances led to it being unresolved following the final CAAC meeting of Spring 2018.

Items of concern:

  • INTC 2459 (1141)
  • ELPT 1329 (1266)
  • ELPT 2315 (1267)
  • INTC 1342 (1268)
  • INTC 2459 (1269)

For our purposes, they can be dealt with as a consent agenda (barring objection, of course) and treated as a single motion as they all pertain to the same WECM issues.

With no objection Keith Coleman made motion; Vicki Hart and Ingrid Wallace seconded.

Motion passes unanimously.