2018: 07-17

CAAC Minutes: July 17, 2018

Members Present:
Andy Millier; Stewart Edwards; David Sholmire; Charlotte Mueller; Rosemary Coffman; Onimi Wilcox; Layton Childress; Joe Ganakos; and Ingrid Wallace.

Members Not Present:
Paul Allen; Howard Bushart; Doylean Sprauve; Keith Coleman; Vicki Hart; Charles Thomas; Karen Guthmiller; Bill Gammel; Veronique Tran; Paul Arrigo; Marylou Ortuvia; and Rod Hellyer.

  1. Approval of Minutes
    1. Regular Meeting Minutes from April 17, 2018
    2. Email Meeting Minutes from June 2018
      Minutes approved unanimously.
  2. Informational Items
    1. Vice-President: Veronique Tran
      Not in attendance
    2. Academic Dean: Onimi Wilcox
      Did not have anything to share at this time.
    3. Technical Dean: Layton Childress
      Did not have anything to share at this time.
    4. Registrar: Scott Bennett
      Did not have anything to share at this time.
    5. Academic Integrity Taskforce: Paul Arrigo
      Not in attendance
      Rosemary Coffman
      We are starting a new conduct reporting software. It is an anonymous online reporting system and case management system. It is open to students and faculty.
  3. Old Business
    1. None
  4. New Business
    1. Richard Tunstall
      1. Replace Course: Electrical, Instrumentation, & Analytical II Certificate (1270)
        ACGM mandated changes.
        Steward Edwards made motion; Charlotte Mueller seconded.
        Motion passes unanimously.
      2. Francisca Castillo
        1. Misc.: Add SPAN 2315 to the Lee College Core (1271)
          (This should be SPAN 2312 not SPAN 2315, typographic error)
          Stewart Edwards motioned to approve; Charlotte Mueller seconded.
          There are some Core submissions that are outstanding. They were passed by CAAC but Dr. Tran put them on hold. There is an extensive process that has to be followed for the coordinating board. Dr. Tran is working on a packet to give to the Division Chairs and faculty so it is clear as to what needs to be included in the documentation attachments.
          Motion passes unanimously.
      3. Reminder for Divisions regarding 2018/2019 Representatives to CAAC
        1. Please make certain that your respective divisions submit the name of your representative for the 2018/2019 CAAC by the end of Professional Development Week.
          It is vital that all divisions have representation, especially if there is an item on the agenda for that department. Counseling needs to have a representative present to help fill in any changes or modifications.
  5. Open Forum
    1. Joe Ganakos
      Reporting structure –

      We have gotten better on making sure that basic things like syllabi and such are included.
      We are still struggling with getting Minutes of Meetings acting as a supplement so that they can be archived along with everything else so that they can show Division approval.

      Effective in our September 2018 meeting, it will be asked that all Divisions provide either the Division Vote and/or anything they are getting from their advisory groups from the community for technical disciplines.

      In order for items to be considered there will need to be an attachment demonstrating the Minutes from whatever meeting, whether it is an email vote or an actual meeting, demonstrating an affirmative vote from each Division.

      Next meeting September 18, 2018.

Note: ( ) indicates the number of the item in the Curriculum Maintenance System.