CAAC Minutes: 2012-10-16

Members Present:  Paul Allen, Paul Arrigo, Howard Bushart, Joseph Queyquep for Dana Byal, Rosemary Coffman, Stewart Edwards, Joseph Ganakos, Michael Gos, Karen Guthmiller, Margene Lenamon for Tia Hall, Vicky Hart, Rod Hellyer, David Jaroszewski, Charlotte Mueller, Jim Richardson, Doylean Sprauve, Jeff Thies, Ingrid Wallace, Dana Woods.

Members Absent:  Angela Noack

Meeting was called to order at 2 p.m.

  1. Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from September 18, 2012 were approved as written.
  2. Old Business:
    • Michael Gos reported on problems with faculty access to the Curriculum Maintenance system. Troy Oehler is working on the problem. It was confirmed that changes must have division approval prior to presentation to the committee.
  3. New Business:
    • Rod Hellyer proposed changes in prerequisites for certain HYDR and MCHN courses. A motion to accept changes was made by Joseph Ganakos and seconded by Karen Guthmiller. Motion passed unanimously.  (See handout)
    • For informational purposes, Steve Showalter presented the changes in course numbering for GOVT classes as mandated by the state.  (See handout)
    • Michael Gos (for Georgeann Ward) presented that ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302 will have new master syllabi. These will be effective as soon as approved by the dean.   A motion to accept was made by Joseph Ganakos and seconded by Paul Arrigo.  Motion carried. (See handout)
    • David Jaroszewski proposed the deletion of the AAS Law Enforcement degree and certificate.  A motion to accept was made by Joseph Ganakos and seconded by Howard Bushart.  Motion carried.
    • Dr. Jaroszewski also proposed the addition of a Logistics and Supply Chain Management program to the curriculum for implementation in Fall 2013. A motion to accept the proposal was made by Joseph Ganakos and seconded by Paul Arrigo. Motion passed.
    • Michael Gos (for Kathleen Sydnor) proposed the addition of a $120 transportation fee (in lieu of textbooks) to all “Humanities on the Go” classes.  A motion to accept was made by Paul Arrigo and seconded by Joseph Ganakos.  Motion carried.
    • Michael Gos proposed a revision to committee by-laws signifying the division secretary of the chair’s division shall be the secretary of CAAC and the secretary of the vice-chair’s division shall be back-up secretary  A motion to accept was made by Joseph Ganakos and seconded by Stewart Edwards.  Motion carried.
    • Open Forum:
      In the future, information only will be required for state mandated changes to courses. The committee will go on record as acknowledging such changes through a consent agenda. This will be set at the end of the meeting agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 2:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,                                               Approved by:
Beth Barclay, Secretary