CAAC Minutes: 2009-10-20

Members Present: Paul Arrigo, Howard Bushart, Stewart Edwards, Joseph Ganakos, Michael Gos, Karen Guthmiller, Susan Hamby, Rod Hellyer, Jimmy Lockett, Bob Slade, Donnetta Suchon, Dana Woods. Guests: Dalia Carmona, Ray Whitlow, Becki Griffith, Rosemary Coffman

Members Absent: Kenneth Booker, Gary Gibson, Tracie Hervey, Cindy Lewis

Meeting was called to order at 2 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes:
Minutes from September 15, 2009 was approved as written.

2. Old Business: Student Appeals Policy
Michael Gos asked for items of discussion concerning the Student Appeals policy.
Stewart Edwards made a proposal to create a 5th bullet under Meeting Protocol to read: “Lee College employees named in the appeal may address the issue and present corresponding evidence.” Motion to accept made by Jimmy Lockett and seconded by Paul Arrigo. Motion carried.

3. New Business:
Karen Guthmiller presented for Teresa Landers new revisions to all AAT degrees for Education. All degrees will have 60 total semester credit hours. Revisions: Remove Kine and Math 1351 from Early Childhood to Grade 4. Remove Math 1351 and Natural Science from Early Childhood to Grade 4 Bilingual or ESL Generalist and add an elective in the fourth semester. Remove Math 1351 and Natural Science from Grade 4 to 8 Generalist and add an elective. Remove Specialization in fourth semester from Education Certification. Dana Woods made a motion to accept revisions and seconded by Joe Ganakos. Motion carried. Discussion followed and Ray Whitlow expressed concern of having Spch 1315 or Spch 1321 in the AAT Education degrees. Ray Whitlow made a motion to remove Spch 1321 from all AAT Education degrees. Seconded by Joe Ganakos. Motion carried after discussion.
A proposal to table the Early to Childhood to 6th Grade degree revisions was made by Donnetta Suchon. The subject was tabled.

Gregg Lattier proposed two challenges by exam to be administered at Lee College (Business Management 1301 Supervision and Bmgt 1307 High Performance Work Team test). A motion to accept was made by Donnetta Suchon and seconded by Dana Woods. Motion carried.

Jimmy Lockett proposed revisions to the Analytical Instrumentation Level One Certificate. The revised certificate will increase to 36 SCH’s. Motion to accept was made by Joe Ganakos and seconded by Donnetta Suchon. Motion carried.
Dana Woods questioned SCIT 1418 under Pre-req. which was not part of the certificate plan. After discussion, Jimmy Lockett moved to table the Analytical Instrumentation Level One Certificate. Seconded by Donnetta Suchon. Subject was tabled.

Michael Gos addressed concerns with any policy changes being made during the middle of a school year. People are not being made aware of changes.
Sharon Graber asked to have the CAAC agenda sent to All Users.
After discussion, Michael Gos will look into having the CAAC minutes published electronically.

4. Open Forum: None

5. Meeting adjourned at 2:47 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,        Approved by:
Susan Keith, Secretary          Michael Gos, CAAC Chair