AOD: 6-17-2015

Biennial Report/ AOD Awareness Committee
June 17, 2015 Minutes

Members Present:

Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol
Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair/ Instructor

Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown Police Department
Security representative
Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director
Laura Lane-Worley, Sociology Instructor
Hunter McHugh, Student Representative
Cheryl McClarity, Domestic Violence Unit / Victim Services, Baytown Police Department

AOD Policy Revision

Rosemary presented changes to the AOD Policy Statement based on recommendations
discussed at the last meeting. Once corrected, Rosemary will send out a copy of the
documents to all committee members and then make updates to handouts in the New
Student Orientation and what is online. Below are the additional and final changes

  • There was clarification needed for the tobacco/electronic cigarettes section of the
    document. Det. Crowell confirmed the city code that is the standard used for the
    campus. It was discussed that this committee may want to suggest a stronger policy for
    the campus. Also, we are investigating the possibility of a grant or using Texans
    Standing Tall for campaign that can lead to a smoke free campus.
  • With HB225 not passing with this year’s legislative session, this portion was struck from
    the document.
  • Rosemary will add a citation to the section on health risks.
  • We reworked some wording under “Available Counseling and Treatment Programs.”
  • Det. Crowell presented the information that will be included in the three charts under
    “Legal Sanctions” and some clarification in the paragraphs in that section.
  • The poison control number will be used on the final page of resources.

Use of myLC for Posting AOD Policy Statement

Rosemary is working with Troy Oehler (IT) on the possibility of using the student’s myLC
account to post the statement and have a system in which the student is forced to
acknowledge receipt of the statement. Here’s what was shared with the Committee.

  • In PS, the first page can’t be circumvented without hacking into the system and then
    creating the issue that would cause problems with each new PS update.
  • Troy suggested that we may can use the “activity guides/task” function of PS for this
  • With this process, students would see their “to do” list once the task has been assigned
  • To make it mandatory, we can add a hold/ indicator that would need to be placed on
    the student’s record and that would be removed once the task is completed. This
    would be an automatic removal once the task is completed.
  • We can batch assign service indicators , but we would need to discuss at what
    point. Annually? Every fall?
  • You agreed to investigate this function to see if it would be recommended for this

Other topics discussed included:

  • Rosemary reported on the campus’ activities happening to be in compliance with
    Campus SaVE.
  • There will be a date in July for the College’s Summer Bash. Like last summer, we
    will focus on drug free campus/ alcohol awareness. Looking at calendars, we’re
    going to suggest July 21 st to Mike Spletter.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 9, at 1:30 p.m., with the location to be

Respectfully Submitted,
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs