AOD: 9-15-2016

Drug Free Campus Committee
September 15, 2016

Members Present:

Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs); Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair / Instructor; Adrian Touchstone, Student Ambassador; Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol; Mike Spletter, Student Activities Director; Ehab Mustafa, Veterans Center; Marcus King, Assistant Coach (basketball); J.R. Velez, Security Captain


Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown Police Department; Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director; Zane Moseley, Student Activities; Paige Sorge, Assistant Coach (volleyball); Laura Lane Worley, Sociology instructor

Review of Minutes from July 7

Approved as written.

Life of an Athlete / Athletics

Rosemary shared the final report for the Life of an Athlete program presented to the athletic teams in August. This report will be included in next year’s Biennial Report. The following feedback was given.

  • We should continue to offer the program in the fall for both teams.
  • With many athletes taking the Drug Use and Abuse class, this information gave the student
    athlete’s a frame of reference for the class.

In addition, there was a discussion of the new drug and education policy with the athletes. With this policy, there is more offered to the athletes in terms of education and support instead of being more punitive. As part of the program a small group of student athletes are participating in a psychoeducation/process group with Daniel Garza, one of the main counselors for Open Door Mission and an adjunct instructor at the college. Coach King reported that he has heard positive feedback from the players participating.

Coach King expressed an interest in having more information presented to the student athletes in regards to the legal issues that may arise with drug use and abuse. Amber suggested that the new adjunct instructor, Lucette Watkins, be used to present this information to them.

Generation Found

Several members of the committee have been working to coordinate the screening of the documentary Generation Found. This documentary is about how Houston tackles the addiction crisis among it’s youth — looking at alternative peer groups, sober high schools, and collegiate support groups. It’s scheduled for October 13th at 7:30 p.m. After the showing, there will be a panel discussion.

  • The panel will be Barbara Dwyer with the UH Collegiate Recovery program, Dr. Anette Edens, President of Cornerstone Recovery, one of the alternative peer groups in Houston, and Rosemary representing a parent of an adolescent participating in the Cornerstone program. Rosemary will also introduce the program prior to the showing of the event.
  • The flyer and posters have been approved and are going out.
  • To guarantee the showing, we are required to sell a minimum of 60 credits. After we sell around
    21, BACODA will purchase the remainder. At the time of the meeting, we needed to sell 3 more
    to meet that goal. Once the goal is met, we’ll be able to work directly with the theater.
  • Amber will send the flyer out to Herman Memorial Prevention and Recovery Center to send out
    to their email group.


Mike is working on finding a representative from student government to serve on the committee. It was suggested that we have two student athletes, one from volleyball and one from basketball, to serve. If we can find one of the athletes that is also working with student government, it would meet both needs.

Rosemary will also invite another student to join, Logan, who is a student at Lee and also participated in the Last High Documentary.

Fall Events

  • We will have a booth with the Fall Fiesta for October 20. Volunteers will be needed to be at the booth and we will look at doing the Instagram photo poster as we did with a previous health fair.
  • We will have our annual fall Drug / Alcohol Awareness Day on November 3rd. A subcommittee will meet on Sept 29th to plan more specifics for the event. It was suggested that we include the AUDIT and SBIRT screening as part of the day.
  • Amber continues to work with BACODA on possible funding for the CORE survey. Once the cost is established, we will investigate the possibility if we can split the cost between BACODA and Lee College.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 20th at 2 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs