AOD: 1-26-2016

AOD Awareness Committee
January 26, 2016 Minutes

Members Present:

Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Amanda Summers, Human Resources Director
Amber Buras, Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol
Howard Bushart, Allied Health Chair / Instructor
Aaron Crowell, Detective, Baytown Police Department
Laura Lane-Worley, Sociology Instructor
Ehab Mustafa, Veterans Center Counselor
Hunter McHugh, Student Representative
J.R. Velez, Security Captain


Marti Covington, Lee College Marketing and Public Affairs
Daniel Christie, Lee College Facilities

Smoke-Free Campus Discussion

Rosemary announced that the changes to the college policy on smoking has been incorporated into the AOD statement and has been updated on the webpage.

Town Hall Meeting/ Synthetic Drugs

The main purpose of the meeting was to continue the planning for the Town Hall Meeting on Synthetic Drugs which will be February 18th from 5:3-8 p.m. in the Rundell Hall Conference Center.

  • Packets – Amber reported that she is working on getting information for packets to be given to participants. She will create 200 packets. Rosemary or Howard will get her the resource list that has already been created. She will also include speaker bios and a one page flyer on the new documentary. She is working on a handout that will be a “call to action” for those who may want to know more about the topic.
  • Vendors – Rosemary has sent out a “save the date” to 10 area vendors. She will go ahead and send out the flyer and more information immediately, asking for a RSVP by February 8. This will be only to vendors and Amber will take care of notifying the speakers and keeping them informed. Aaron asked for a final list of vendors to provide information to the public access channel, Channel 16.
    • Communication / publicity
      The flyer and postcard have been created. Lee College will print additional
      copies. It was discussed that the postcard be sent out to a target number of students. After a discussion, this includes social work, chemical dependency counseling, criminal justice, social sciences, and nursing. The flyer will also be shared on the website and the plasma screen at the College.
    • Marti will help with a press release and work with Baytown PD on
      coordinating its release. She said that she could also provide some yard signs to place in the parking lots on the night of the event to help direct people.
    • Aaron said that he is waiting until February 1 to start contacting the media outlets so it’s not too far in advance. One article has already been published in the Baytown Sun.
  • Volunteers – We will have several students from Howard’s program (chemical dependency counseling) and Laura’s program (social work) to volunteer for the event and perhaps student ambassadors. It was noted that we would need to organize volunteers to make sure the resources are used efficiently Areas that may need volunteers include the table with food and drinks and to help the vendors move materials from the parking lots to the event. In addition, we may need help with the set-up since there is an event in the space prior to our event.
  • Parking – The committee will ask for about 30 spots for the event. This will be in lots 2 and 3. Rosemary will make the request to the president’s office.
  • Room arrangement – With Daniel’s help, we discussed the room arrangement and audio/visual needs. The panel will be on stage and there will be about 200 matching chairs in rows. We will set up no more than 10 tables in the area for vendors and food. The Bauer’s will not be on stage, but we’ll need a section reserved in the front for them and perhaps others that may need to have access to the stage. Amber will send an email to the speakers asking for any audio visual needs they may have. While we discussed putting tables in the hallway, we will try to keep everything inside the conference center.

Our next meeting will be Monday, February 8th for some final planning for the event. Future meetings for the semester have not yet been determined.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs