Professional Development Committee


The purpose of the Professional Development fund is to encourage professional development among employees classified as full-time probationary faculty and regular status faculty members.


$25,000 will be designated annually by Lee College for professional development activities.  During the spring 2009 faculty assembly meeting, the following division of funds was approved: $11,000 for fall semester, $11,000 for spring semester and $3,000 total for both summer semesters.

Composition of the PDC:

The chairperson is to be elected by the Faculty Assembly, and the committee members will be appointed by the chairperson.  The composition of the PDC should represent the entire Lee College faculty as much as possible.

How to apply for funds from PDC:

*NOTE: Your application packet cannot be considered if it is missing ANY of the requested information. Also, a completed application packet must be received by the PDC Chair at least 4-6 weeks prior to event/travel.

Application Packet

  1.  Complete an “Application for Funds” form, which you can obtain from the Professional Development Committee Chair or division secretary. Please ensure that the following is completed on your application:
    • Your department/division budget number (refer to division secretary).
    • Indicate whether or not you have used your department/division travel funds.
    • Your department/division chair’s signature.
  2. Write and include a memo to the committee explaining how this particular professional development activity relates and/or helps achieve at least one Lee College Goal and/or QEP.
  3. Attach brochure or provide website to professional development that you are requesting monies.  Please ensure that the brochure includes the following:
    • Cost, dates of events, location, and description of event.

E-mail and/or send one hard copy of the completed PDC Application Packet to the Professional Development Committee Chair at least 4-6 weeks prior to event/travel.

Faculty member will be notified of the committee’s decision by e-mail.

If your PDC Application is approved:

  1. You and your division secretary will receive an email stating that your application packet has been approved.
  2. The PDC chair will complete a Budget Amendment Form requesting monies to be credited to the budget number provide on your application. Please keep in mind the various signatures required on the  Budget Amendment form:
    • PDC Chair
    • Appropriate Dean
    • President
    • VP Financial Services
  3. Please refer to our new travel policies for steps on how to pay for your event/travel.

Refund of PDC monies:

If you have remaining funds or you were unable to attend the event approved by the PDC, you must return the funds to the PDC budget (142100 10700 230010000000) by completing a Budget Amendment Form through the Business Office.  Funds cannot be used for another event or transferred to another faculty member without a new application packet being submitted and approved by the PD committee.

Annual Lee College Goals

  1. We will identify, develop, and implement measures of academic excellence and institutional effectiveness, and evaluate the progress of the institution’s achievement of its goals and strategic objectives.
  2. We will review proposed instructional programs, continue evaluating and revitalizing existing curricula and instructional technologies, and provide for life long learning and avocational interests.
  3. We will improve the recruitment, retention, and achievement of all students.
  4. We will maintain our commitment to educational excellence through intensive efforts to recruit and retain outstanding personnel.
  5. We will improve the college’s linkages with business, industry, and other educational institutions, including high schools, colleges, and universities, to facilitate movement into the job market, within the job market, and/or transfers to this and other institutions.
  6. We will continue expanding the college’s commitment to the economic development of the region by expanding training partnerships with business and industry and by providing opportunities for workers to upgrade their skills.
  7. We will maintain a safe and inviting physical environment.
  8. We will provide a cost-effective utilization of human, physical, fiscal, and technological resources.
  9. We will enhance students’ knowledge of other cultures and their understanding of global issues by promoting an international perspective, awareness, and understanding.
  10. We will support community service through a variety of activities.

QEP Goals:

  • To improve student learning by creating policies and procedures that nourish an environment for student success.
  • To improve student learning by increasing student awareness of expectations and commitment that lead to productive learning.
  • To improve student learning by strengthening developmental courses through effective teaching strategies, meaningful practice and enrichment activities.

Awarding of Funds:

Recipients and awards will be determined by a majority vote of the members of the PDC. The PDC reserves the right to refuse to award funds at their discretion.

Application for Professional Development funds must be approved prior to the event.

Return of Funds:

Should a recipient have remaining funds after the event, he or she must return the balance to the Professional Development budget. If a recipient is unable to attend the event approved by the committee, he or she must return the funds to the committee; funds cannot be used for another event or transferred to another individual without a new application for funds being submitted for the committee’s approval.