Student Government Association

Student Participation in Decision-Making at Lee College

Lee College students are encouraged to participate in decision-making, both in college governance and in student organizations. The College recognizes the Student Congress as the principal voice of the student body in matters related to college policy. Students selected by the Student Congress serve as voting members of the Planning Committee, Student Activities Board, the President’s Council, and the committees formed to hear student grievances and student appeals regarding disciplinary actions.

In addition, the Student Congress plays a major role in the allocation of funds generated by student service fees. These funds are used to support the Student Center’s operations and the intramural program, to improve the quality of campus life by bringing speakers and entertainers to the campus, and to support the activities of student organizations that are recognized by the College. The latter often includes providing support for students who wish to attend conferences and professional meetings that are related to their fields of study.

SGA officers 2012-2013

  • President: Brian Montgomery
  • Vice-President: Shirley Dyer
  • Secretary: Hai Bui
  • Treasurer: Guillermo Roa
  • Parliamentarian: Caleb Moore
  • Public Relations: Chad Sebastian

4 p.m. Tuesdays, Bayer Conference Center