Advisory Groups to the President


The President is authorized to appoint appropriate lay advisory committees. These committees are for the purpose of assisting with the identification and measurement of program needs, particularly in the technical, vocational, and general adult education areas.

Lay committees are advisory in nature and make their recommendations to the College administration. The administration utilizes these recommendations in preparing courses to be recommended to the Board of Regents in the respective areas of assignment.

The President seeks the advice of appropriate College groups when working with the Board of Regents to establish policies or make decisions which impact specific employee groups. The advisory groups are as follows:

  1. President’s Council
    1. Committee’s Charge/Purpose
      The President’s Council is the administrative decision-making body of the college. Prior to the College President recommending policy items for the Board of Regents consideration, the President’s Council must approve the item. All other committees are advisory in nature and make their recommendations to President’s Council.
    2. Membership
      • President
      • All Deans
      • Executive Director of Resource Development
      • A representative elected by Faculty Assembly
      • A representative elected by Administrators Assembly
      • A representative elected by Staff Assembly
      • The Administrative Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board
      • President (or designee) of Student Congress
    3. Meeting Schedule
      The committee meets biweekly or as needed.
    4. Minutes
      Minutes of the meetings are available in the President’s Office.
  2. Student Advisory Council
    The officers of Student Congress and special committees appointed by Student Congress serve on this council which meets as necessary.
  3. Mid-Management Leadership Team
    This group meets periodically with the President when they or the President express a desire for a meeting.