Curriculum Development


Faculty and division chairs initiate curriculum development based upon a response to perceived or documented need for changes in courses or programs.

With the concurrence of the division chair and the appropriate instructional dean, faculty initiates curriculum work. Approval for any proposed changes must occur in official division meetings and be reflected in division minutes.

Once divisional approval is secured, the curriculum changes are taken to the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee for approval.

From the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee, the changes are submitted by the committee chairman to the President who takes appropriate action.

In the case of new programs, the President seeks the approval of the Board of Regents. In the case of deletion of programs, the President informs the Board of Regents of action.

If materials are to be submitted to the Coordinating Board, the appropriate dean prepares the materials, which are forwarded under the President’s signature per board policy. The dean is responsible for all work with the Coordinating Board.

Divisional representatives to the Curriculum and Academic Affairs Committee are responsible for reporting all work of the committee to the divisions.