Employee Evaluation


A. Evaluation and Review of Contract Employees

The enhancement of student learning and the improvement of instruction are the purposes of review and evaluation. The ongoing process of review and evaluation is a dynamic one that is most effective when it involves the College District at every level from organizational to individual.

The process of review and evaluation shall be designed primarily to enhance job-related performance and service. It should support employee’s professional growth and development. Responsible review and evaluation also serve as essential tools for informed decisions concerning employment status.

The College President has final responsibility for the development, implementation and administration of the periodic review and evaluation process, procedures, and instruments. The employees covered by the policy shall be provided with opportunities for advice and comment on matters pertaining to review and evaluation. The College President must also ensure that all appropriate records are maintained related to review and evaluation of individual employees.

  1. Procedures
    A specific evaluation calendar is developed annually with evaluations to be completed by as early as May 15 for faculty not teaching during the summer or August 1st for faculty teaching summer classes. The process for Administrative/Administrative Support Staff should be completed by August 1st of each year. Evaluation documents (Annual Goals Form, Self Evaluation, Chair/Supervisor Evaluation) are available in Human Resources or electronically on the HR website and Outlook public folders.

    1. Annual Goals
      The evaluation process begins each year with the employee setting annual goals. The annual goals form is filled out and submitted to the chair/supervisor by the end of the week staff return from summer break (the first week of the new contract year). The chair/supervisor meets with the employee to discuss and/or revise goals within the next month. Once the goals are approved they are forwarded to the dean, executive director and/or VP for review. The executive director or VP then submits the goals to Human Resources no later than October 1st. The annual goals form will be placed in the employee’s file.
    2. Student Evaluation/External Evaluation
      The Student Evaluation is a component of the total faculty evaluation. Student evaluations are administered after the 8th week of classes in the fall term. Faculty members can ask to be evaluated by their students in the spring, however it is not required. Student evaluations will not be used as the sole basis for terminating the employment of faculty.
    3. Practicum and Clinical Evaluation
      In applied sciences areas, the evaluation of performance in the laboratory, practicum, and clinical areas is a component of the total faculty evaluation.
    4. Self Evaluation
      All contract administrators and faculty are to perform a self evaluation each year. Administrator’s self evaluations are due to their supervisor/dean on or before July 15. Faculty who teach 9 months and are not teaching during the summer must complete their self evaluations on or before May 1 to allow the chairs time to schedule an evaluation conference before the summer break. All other faculty self evaluations are due on or before June 15.
    5. Chair/Supervisor Evaluation
      The chair will conduct an objective evaluation of teaching effectiveness annually. The employee signs these evaluations and has five working days in which to indicate intent to file an addendum to the evaluation. All evaluation documents are due in HR on or before August 31.

B. Evaluation of the President/Senior Administrators

All Lee College employees will be provided an electronic survey to evaluate the president and senior administrators with whom they have contact. The Human Resources Office will provide these surveys at least two weeks prior to the due date of the completed survey. Completed surveys will be submitted to the Human Resources Office.

Evaluations will be conducted annually during the spring semester.

The confidentiality of the evaluators, as well as the results of the evaluations, is of utmost importance in order to maintain the highest standards of integrity and credibility. However, evaluators, may relinquish their anonymity by signing the form where indicated.

The results of each evaluation will be sent to the individual administrator. The evaluation results of the president will be sent to him/her.

The Human Resource Officer who conducted the evaluation will generate a report that states the process has been completed and accounts for the number of evaluations sent and returned for each administrator.

C. Classified

Classified staff are evaluated annually. This includes a self-evaluation and an evaluation by his/her supervisor, which covers such areas as attitude, customer service, work habits, and knowledge and skills. The employee signs these evaluations and has three working days in which to indicate intent to file an addendum to the evaluation.

27 Board Policy DLA Local, Issued 08-19-2002