College President



The President shall act as chief executive administrator of the College and shall be responsible for implementing the policies of the Board.


  • In collaboration with the Chairman of the Board, prepare the agenda; attend all meetings, except at the discretion of the Board; and participate in all deliberations of the Board when such deliberations do not involve the President’s employment or performance evaluation.
  • Administer the College in conformity with the approved policies of the Board, the rules and regulations of the Coordinating Board, Texas College and University System, and applicable law.
  • Develop administrative principles and procedures for implementing Board policy and proper functioning of the College.
  • Recommend policies to the Board for its deliberations, including evidence upon which it may base its decisions.
  • Recommend the plan of organization of the College.
  • Prepare and maintain job descriptions of the staff and faculty.
  • Recommend staff, faculty and other professional personnel to the Board for appointment, extension of contracts, renewal, non-renewal, and dismissal.
  • Assign personnel to respective assignments, define their duties, and approve change of assignment of personnel within the College.
  • Recommend to the Board the appointment, demotion, transfer, non-renewal, or dismissal of administrative personnel.
  • Approve the appointment, demotion, transfer, or dismissal of classified personnel and inform the Board of such action.
  • Recommend courses of study, curricula, student activity programs, and other educational and community services to the Board for its approval.
  • Coordinate the work of all school personnel and establish necessary procedures for evaluating and improving their work.
  • Provide for orientation of new personnel and in-service educational programs as needed.
  • Submit to the Board a recommended annual budget, amended budgets, and transfer of funds as requested.
  • Recommend salary schedules for approval of the Board and approve deviation from salary schedules in accordance with Board policy.
  • Represent the College at educational meetings and before legislative bodies and agencies.
  • Participate in meetings and activities in an effort to influence the development of local, state, and national educational policies in harmony with the Lee College District Mission, Philosophy, and Goals.
  • Interpret the College to the community.
  • Ensure proper expenditure and accounting of all funds of the College.
  • Establish procedures for recruiting and employing new personnel.
  • Prepare written performance appraisals on administrative personnel and discuss each individual’s appraisal with him/her annually.
  • Prepare or cause to be prepared a written appraisal of the quality of teaching of the instructional personnel with a view to increasing its effectiveness. Review or cause to be reviewed the written appraisal with each individual annually.
  • Prepare a biennial report to be presented to the Board no later than December of even-numbered years, including in the report the college’s success in addressing its role and mission statement.
  • Interview all proposed full-time employees, or delegate this responsibility to an appropriate person.
  • Keep the Board informed as to expected future growth and development of the College.
  • Review employee, students, and program handbooks to assure conformity to Board Policy and other legal requirements.
  • Act as the Records Management Officer of the College.
  • Communicate information requests to the Board and prepare, or cause to be prepared, such information in a timely manner for distribution to all Board members.
  • Ensure compliance of the intercollegiate athletics program with accreditation and regulatory guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as the Board may assign.