Student Congress


Student self-government is encouraged at Lee College. The primary agency of student government is the Student Congress.

The Student Congress shall be composed of elected representatives from recognized, active organizations on campus, as well as representatives at large.

The Student Congress will serve in an advisory capacity to the College President in all areas of College governance that involves students. A representative of the Student Congress will be invited to attend the President’s Council meetings.

With regard to budgeting and finance, the College President will elicit suggestions from the Student Congress regarding proposed changes in the Student Service Fee or proposed changes in the ways in which these funds are expended.

Also, the Student Congress shall submit a proposed budget to the College President each year. This budget will constitute a proposed distribution of Student Services funds to student organizations and activities. All expenditures by student clubs or organizations must comply with College regulations.

With regard to student discipline, a representative of the Student Congress shall serve on the student discipline committee (when one is needed) as a part of the student academic appeals process.