Long-Range Planning Process


With an emphasis on student persistence the Planning Committee will complete a strategic plan for Lee College.  The Plan will guide alignment of planning and budget resources for 2010 through 2015. The purpose of strategic planning is to align Lee College through one aspiration, common vision and direction, provides a detailed, but evolving road map for collectively reaching our goals and promotes disciplined, prioritized allocation of resources.

Student Success

  • Learning Environments and Assessment
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Stakeholders – Students, Community, SACS, Local/State/Federal Governments
  • Key Performance Effectiveness Indicators Review and Analysis
  • Alignment of Planning and Budgeting
  • Master Plan Review for Facility Improvements
  • Leverage Emerging, Interactive and Social Media Technologies

The Collaborative Strategic Planning Process will consist of:

  • A review and possible modification of the mission and goals established in the last planning cycle, but with greater emphasis on key performance indicators (measures) to monitor effectiveness.
  • An analysis of external expectations, opportunities and challenges over the life of the plan, including governmental, accreditation, educational (partners and competitors) and other entities that influence college actions.
  • A thorough assessment by all college units (departments, divisions, committees, etc.) to determine their current conditions and the costs and benefits the units foresee as the increase efforts to improve persistence.
  • A compilation of unit contributions to the plan that reflects a college-wide effort to promote persistence.
  • A five year financial plan that identifies resource needs to implement the plan, including the needs to reallocate and acquire additional resources.
  • An evaluation process to monitor the implementation of the plan over the five year period.
  • A means by which the plan will be updated based on results of efforts to improve persistence and enhance overall college effectiveness.