Planning Committee Timeline (Draft)

1. Planning Committee meets with the President to receive his views and perceptions of the current year’s progress against plan, as well as major strategic issues (internal and external) impacting the College in the year(s) ahead. In addition the President shares his thoughts on potential strategic directions the Planning Committee should consider for the year with input from Faculty/Staff and Administrative) Assemblies, Executive Council, President’s Council and Student Government Association (SGA).

Divisions/Departments reviews Program Profiles and develops goals that aligns with Student Success Initiatives and identifies resource requirements. It is during this time that the Divisions/Departments identify their new unit goals, conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, objectives, expected outcomes and assessment criteria for the next fiscal year. (May-September)

2. Institutional Research (IR) collects data for IERC. IR prepares an Institutional Effectiveness Report Card and annually updates the data in order to identify planning, assessment and improvements as based on effectiveness. The IR office may include Program evaluation/review reports, state/federal reports, student skill/goal attainment and various data-driven system reports. (October-November)

3. Executive Council meets with President to discuss Institutional Effectiveness Report Card Indicators. Measures/Data Sources (Institutional Report Card Indicators, IPEDS, Enrollment Reports, Grade Distribution Reports, Annual Data Profile, Achieving the Dream (AtD)and Federal and State CBM reports, SACS, QEP, Program Reviews, LBB, TACC, Closing the Gap, Texas Workforce Labor and Career Data, etc.). (December-January)

4. Planning Committee reviews Program Profiles and our strengths, analyzed our weaknesses and established a shared vision for Lee College. This is a continual process and will continually be refine, update and revisit the critical components of this plan. Strategic planning is an ongoing, open and participatory process involving students, faculty and staff. (February-March)

5. Planning Committee meets with President to review goals and strategies as well as progress towards College goals. (April)

6. President and Executive Council finalize strategic direction and identify major goals for the upcoming fiscal year. President meets with Board of Regents and stakeholders to communicate primary goals and key strategies for upcoming year. (May)

7. President and Board of Regents approved Planning Goals for the fiscal year. (June)