Program Profile Analysis

Instructional Divisions will review their Program Profiles provided by Institutional Research and develops goals that aligns with Student Success Initiatives and identifies resource requirements. It is during this time that the divisions/departments identify their new unit goals, conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis, objectives, expected outcomes and assessment criteria for the next fiscal year.

Departments Profile Analysis – Listed below are questions to ask, along with how to measure the effectiveness of the services and conduct SWOT analysis. Departments will develop their profiles and institutional effectiveness measurement indicators. Questions to consider: What services are we providing? How well are we providing those services? and How satisfied are our clients with those services?

What is the SWOT Process? A critical set of steps in a planning exercise is to perform internal and external assessments that result in the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

STRENGTHS — What do we do well? What unique attributes and/or resources do we have? What do others see as our strengths?

WEAKNESSES — What could we do better? What attributes and/or new or additional resources do we need? What do others see as our weaknesses? What do we do that perhaps we shouldn’t?

OPPORTUNITIES — What can we take advantage of that is happening external to the department? How can we take our existing strengths and turn them into opportunities? What trends can we identify that offer new initiatives?

THREATS — What external events are taking place that could hurt us and undermine our strengths and opportunities? What are our competitors doing that we aren’t and should do? Do these threats have the potential to amplify our weaknesses? What obstacles exist?