Are you aware that everyone on the Lee College Network is a SECURITY RISK?

During Spring Break, I try to catch up on my reading. In a Wall Street Journal article by Geoffrey A. Fowler, he said “hackers have us figured out. They have made a racket out of fooling us into handing over valuable (personal or business) information.”

We see it every day with bad embedded links from email addresses that are NOT from Lee College. As the article states, online cons are phishing for information. Did you know that 97 percent of cyber attacks start with phishing? Phishing attacks are growing because they are very lucrative! A recent ransomware attack on a college started with phishing. The bad guys trick you into clicking a link that installs ransomware, or they trick you into entering your personal account credentials. Be careful about spear phishing. It is a tactic in which phishers pose as a person in authority such as HR, FINANCE, PRESIDENT/CEO, SECURITY or I.T. It is tax season, so beware of links with attached files. Note that Lee College I.T. will never ask for your username or password in an email.

The campus security training videos were launched in 2016 and SANS recently updated the training videos. The new training program will be launched this month. Training will be mandatory for everyone, including new employees. It is very important that we all know how to protect ourselves and Lee College from predators. I.T. utilizes recommended tools, but I.T. cannot prevent someone from clicking on a link. Phishing is all about social engineering. The end game is the same, but the techniques are always changing.