Google Maps Predictive Directions and much more . . .

Google Maps now allows you to translate any review into the language preference set on your mobile phone or other devices. Just open Google Maps or search for what you are interested in, and the reviews are automatically translated.

With more than a billion users, Google Maps has become a tool for local recommendations, real-time info on how busy a restaurant is, and a cheat sheet to remember where you parked your car.┬áLast month, Google Maps unveiled a new feature called “location sharing” that lets you reveal your exact location to a contact for a certain period of time.

Another nice feature is Predictive Directions. The app predicts where you’re headed, based on the time of day, and shows travel times and traffic conditions for your frequent routes.┬áCheck it out, and make sure you have the latest update from Google Maps.

Photo illustration of a phone with a map pinpoint hovering over it