Spring 2012 Instructional Technology Update

Spring 2012 Instructional Technology Update

February 2012

We live in a time when technology seems to change by the minute, and what Lee College faculty and staff experience certainly is no exception. In a world of search engines, smartphones, blogs, wikis, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and 24/7 news, students have access to more global information than one could process in a lifetime. “Beyond borders” describes how rapidly technology expectations are expanding the boundaries and borders of how students learn, discover and communicate using social media and multiple mobile devices.

Female students looking at iPadToday, higher education is all about an environment in which students and faculty can easily communicate, collaborate, share information and access a world of knowledge beyond the classroom. It’s also about excellence and innovation and leveraging business analytics beyond our borders — to drive forward mission-critical success initiatives.

Through our collaborative partnerships, the Technology Division works continuously to bring the latest, dependable and innovative instructional technology to Lee College. The division serves as a trusted source for instructional technology needs and advocates for known and anticipated instructional technology requirements. Over the past three years, the technology team completed more than 15,000 work orders with a 98% quality assurance satisfactory rating. The recent VoIP project provides new communication technology as well as a return on investment (ROI). The multimodal emergency response system provides rapid communication in the event of an emergency via text messaging, e-mail, voice, access control and surveillance, and public address systems deployed throughout the campus and security parking lot phones. PeopleSoft ERP data support includes new development, updates and modifications for CAAC, the wellness center, math lab, facilities usage, Compliance Assist, Class Climate, Dashboards and SharePoint Intranet Portal, Accuplacer Score Reporting for FTIC students, and Students Major modification added to class rosters. The new modification allows students to change majors through myLC Campus.

Lee College Technology Division has been nationally recognized as an innovator in the application of technology in higher education in the classroom and beyond. Technology enriches Lee College’s teaching and learning initiatives important to our educational mission. Thanks to faculty and staff for providing expertise, and creativity, and for sharing ideas and providing feedback via Quality Assurance (QA) for future technology initiatives.


“It’s not about technology but creating engaging learning environments that prepare students for success!”Dr. Carolyn Lightfoot, Chief Technology Officer

Technicians are working on Learning Environments and Smart Classroom Media projects from classroom projector upgrades to fully integrated document cameras. Currently they are working across campus on the installation of 20 new computer classroom labs consisting of PCs and Apple Macs. Technicians are scheduled to install innovative Industrial and STEM technology labs, Studio Classrooms and faculty and staff office technology upgrades.

  • Distance Education — Blackboard/WebCT LEARN9 Test Server.
  • Campus Security — Additional Surveillance Cameras.
  • Microsoft Exchange Outlook E-mail — Larger e-mail storage.
  • Upgrade Network Capacity for all three floors of Advanced Technology Building and Bonner Hall.
  • Oracle/PeopleSoft Upgrades and Enhancements including Mobile Web Apps for Students. PeopleTools Version 8.52 gains iPad Certification.
  • Expansion of iWiFi Network Wireless Security.
  • Campus-wide Security Policy Awareness Training.
  • Technicians are preparing for the release of OS X Mountain Lion for the Mac featuring innovations inspired by the iPad.
  • Continue the implementation of cloud-based strategies and virtualized desktops, making computing spaces more collaborative allowing students to learn anytime and virtually anywhere.
  • Buildings — cable management upgrades throughout campus, making management of the network cables faster and easier.