Media Services

Media services support audio, video and computer presentations of the Lee College community. This includes setting up an audio system for guest speakers, Board of Regents meetings, LCD projection systems for computer/video presentations as well as “smart classroom” technology. We also support and maintain all instructional presentation systems in the classrooms on the Lee College campuses. Use the online request form to submit a Media Request.

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Service Areas

  • Classroom Support & Media Services
    for technology resources in the classroom and presentations.
  • Digital Media Services
    to help in the creation and acquisition of digital content.
  • Faculty/Staff Support
    PowerPoint and other software applications for presentations.
  • Wireless Assistive Listening and Language Translator Equipment
    Lee College provides support for delivering the best in language translator equipment including microphones and headsets.  The listening devices provide the precision, and the reliability that are absolutely necessary in today’s world. Whether giving a tour for visiting dignitaries, training international employees, or providing dialog in a conference facility, the wireless audio solutions deliver crystal clear audio so you can ensure people don’t miss a thing.
  • Event Planning
    Audiovisual Services unit provides a wide range of service and support for meetings and conferences, equipment and consulting regarding your AV equipment needs. We will help guide you through the task of selecting appropriate AV equipment. We will also help by coordinating other support services such as Telecommunication and Computing needs.