Configuring the SPAM Message Center

Configuring your Lee College Message Center
When you successfully log-in to your Postini account via your web browser you will see a page with several buttons at the top. Each of these allows you to configure your account to determine how you want your mail handled. See each section below. On the main Lee College Message Center page, note that your suspended mail is divided into two sections. The top portion will be virus infected mail; the lower half will be mail Postini has identified as junk mail. From this location you can read any mail and either delete it or deliver it (NEVER deliver infected mail).

About the Virus Infected Mail Section.
You can safely read your infected messages, but you should NEVER EVER deliver it. Always delete infected e-mail.

About the Junk Mail section
This area will probably be filled with lots of junk mail (pornographic offers, get rich quick, sales promotions) but one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Read it at Postini or select it by checking the box and clicking the deliver button. As a courtesy, you should not leave mail sitting around. Deliver it or delete it. Your Postini box should be empty when you leave. Postini will delete it fourteen days after delivery, regardless.

Configuring your own filters
Postini allows you to customize your mail filters with tremendous granularity. You can set this by Clicking on the Junk Email link at the top of the page.


About the Virus Link Menu
In this section you can shut off virus filtering. No one in their right mind would do that. DO NOT SHUT OFF anti-virus protection. Lee College also provides virus protection on your workstation.

About the Junk Email Menu
In this section you can configure how Postini treats your incoming mail. You can shut off junk filtering completely (not recommended) and use the categories to determine what gets filtered based on who sent it, what’s in it, etc. You can also set the sensitivity with which Postini examines your mail: Lenient, Moderate (Lee College default) or Aggressive. You can then specify addresses to be delivered or more importantly to be blocked.