SPAM Filtering FAQ

About Postini Perimeter Manager

Postini Perimeter Manager Enterprise Edition is their flagship e-mail security service. Enterprise Edition is the next-generation in e-mail security, utilizing revolutionary patent pending technology including Postini Industry Heuristics, outbound and policy management, and integrated disaster recovery services. Enterprise Edition comes with the industry’s best service commitment — a 99.999 percent service level agreement, and also includes full 24/7 customer support.

  1. Scan for known viruses
  2. Examine the messages for indications that it is known “junk mail” (specific senders, subjects, etc.)
  3. Compare the messages to rules you set for your incoming mail.
  4. Notify you, the addressee of any mail it withheld from you.
  5. Allow you to view and evaluate the suspended mail and determine action you would like to take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have we recommended a spam filtering service?

Every day, many of our e-mail users receive dozens of unsolicited commercial e-mails (UCE), known popularly as “SPAM.” Some users see spam as a minor annoyance, while others are so overwhelmed with spam that they are forced to switch e-mail addresses. After reviewing several anti-SPAM solutions, we recommend a spam filtering service as one of the best solutions for the college which blocks unwanted spam e-mail before it reaches and clogs the campus network. We also look at the very high product ratings for Postini in PC Magazine, InfoWorld and Network World as well as talked with other colleges using the spam filtering service.

Does everyone at Lee College have this protection?

By default, the anti-spam filter has been turned ON for all accounts. You will receive an e-mail with your temporary password from Postini Customer Care.

What if I don’t want my e-mail to be filtered?

Set Junk E-mail Blocking to off in the Junk E-mail Settings page, or contact the Help Desk at or 281.425.6874.

How do I know when I have messages in quarantine?

You should log in to your Message Center periodically to review your quarantined messages, deliver any legitimate messages and remove junk messages. You will receive an e-mail notification on a regular basis in your e-mail inbox if any messages have been quarantined.

Postini stopped messages from lists that I want. How do I stop that?

Just log in to your Postini account/Message Center and click on the message you want delivered. When you tell Postini to deliver it, you are asked if you want to have future mail from that sender delivered.

My anti-virus software says I have an infected message! How can that be if Postini is working?

Check to see who the mail is from. Was it internal? Remember, only mail sent from outside of Lee College is scanned by Postini.

Is someone reading my mail?

No. Postini’s e-mail processing technology allows messages to be processed in real-time as the packets flow through the Postini servers, and so legitimate messages are not written to disk. This ensures that Postini does not expose your data to hackers or potential loss of data. Postini’s filters process all e-mail without human contact with mail flow or individual messages.

What can I set in Postini?

Quite a bit. Check the Configuring your Account Link. You can set anti-spam filtering to be very strict or less strict depending on your tolerance for good messages being filtered into your junk-mail folder. This is done by selecting one of four spam filter risk levels: Low, Moderate, High or filtering OFF. Whatever risk level you choose, you must regularly check your junk-mail folder for misclassified good messages that are captured by the filter and move these messages to your Inbox or other folder. Messages older than seven days will be regularly deleted from your junk-mail folder. We encourage you to delete messages from junk-mail once you have confirmed they are all spam.

How long will my messages sit in my Postini mailbox?

Fourteen days from delivery. After which it is deleted.

It looks like some mail I want to get is considered junk mail. Why?

That’s hard to say, but it probably fits some parameter that Postini scans for and restricts (bulk mail, perhaps). When you tell Postini to deliver it, you will get the option to select that sender as someone to deliver in the future.

How often will the spam filtering service send me a notification?

Every seven days, depending on how often you check your Postini account. Until you are confident about your configuration we suggest checking your Postini account daily.

Does Postini filter out e-mail that I actually want to read?

Postini can filter out e-mail that you want. This is called a false positive. If you consistently have e-mail from a person blocked, you can go into your message center and approve their e-mail address for delivery. It is important to check your Postini account regularly.