Lee College Fieldbus Center – State of the Art Facility Innovations – March 2017

Fieldbus Center logoThe Center serves as the Capstone Classroom/Lab Facility and is essential to upper level Advanced Instrumentation courses as well as non-credit Workforce Training. The Fieldbus Center is one of only nine World-Wide Accredited FieldComGroup (formerly Foundation Fieldbus) training centers! In the Center, there are network file servers for the Emerson and Honeywell DCS systems and computers for student workstations. Information Technology provided funds to upgrade the DeltaV Digital Automation System network file servers.

Lee College is the premiere educational center for emerging technologies in the field of control systems. The center:

  • Designs systems for teaching fieldbus and process control systems
  • Creates and maintains an applied research center
  • Develops multi-craft curriculum for fieldbus and industrial networking technologies
  • All courses can be customized to meet the needs of a group or company and are available off-site or in-house

The Facility

The facilities of Lee College include a multi-million dollar pilot plant and several state-of-the-art MicroPlants that allow students to build fieldbus segments, configure devices, and develop control strategies.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the tenet that people learn best by seeing and doing. To achieve this end, the curriculum is weighted heavily toward hands-on training and set in a realistic industrial environment.

The Instructors

All Lee College courses are taught by senior instrumentation professionals with advanced specialization in fieldbus technologies.

Dean of Applied Sciences — Dean Layton Childress

Division Chair — Richard Tunstall

Fieldbus Faculty — Davoud Khoini