ShareStream Video Streaming Server

ShareStream priviewThe streaming server has been in place for a few years now and was extremely limited in what it can stream. With the purchase of ShareStream Video Platform for Education, we can now leverage the power of media in instructional technology. ShareStream allows instructors to take advantage of the educational potential of online multimedia for teaching and learning. ShareStream is closely integrated with the Blackboard Learn technology. This means that you can incorporate media stored in ShareStream into your Blackboard Learn course pages and student assignments.

ShareStream will host and stream any video or audio files that either instructors or students create. The media will be housed on their servers and streamed into Blackboard Learn or any other areas. Paula Lee, Blackboard Learn LMS Administrator will handle the administrative processes. The new service will convert files into numerous other formats and will detect the type of device that is being used and stream the correct format and speed to the end user. We think this will be a much better process with better results for all users.