TAMU launches new VR-enabled virtual campus tour system

For many years, campus tours were normally conducted during the day with large groups, or you would schedule time to attend an event. Using concept3D Xplorer Virtual Tour system with VR-enabled technology, visitors can tour the college or university virtually if they cannot make it to campus.

Concept3D provides visitors with a realistic way to experience campus life from anywhere in the world. With Xplorer Virtual Tour, visitors can toggle between 360-degree-enabled tour and virtual reality modes for use with a mobile VR headset. The Xplorer Virtual Tour system uniquely allows visitors to orient themselves with an in-window map that shows their location and direction and allows them to use the map to jump to and explore other locations. Additionally, the new system gives clients full control of the virtual experience and makes it easy to add or update tour content at any time.

Check it out: http://vr.concept3d.com/texas_am/

Source: eCampus News